Wide leg floral print pants

For what seems like this whole summer I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of high waisted wide leg pants and finally  I have found a  possible contender for best pants of summer. These floral crop pants are so comfortable with their light weight fabric and the print matches everything. Because I was loving them so much I wore them twice over the weekend as we embarked on some outdoor adventures .  First with  a black crop top and  then with this white faux  button up  ribbed tank from amazon.

The white tank and the crops ship free in 2 days with your amazon prime membership!! Check them out in all the colors and prints. The top is a good one size fits all and I believe it will fit any where from a size small to large very comfortably. I should also mention that I am looking forward to to getting a new pair of these pants soon since they are just about $15! Happy shopping.

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