The best smiles

These are my two amazing kids  Evan who is 2 and Avery is almost 6 time really does fly! This above picture motivated me to introduce them to all my readers because after every shoot we do to capture my clothes the pics I love the most are the ones with them. The smiles are so much better and so much bigger. They drive me crazy at every second of the day but I still love them so much it hurts. Is it okay to hate parenting but still love your kids?…

Being their parent has been the hardest most rewarding role I will ever play in my life. They have helped to teach me more than I could ever begin to know about life and for that I wouldn’t trade their existence for the world. They motivate me to do what I love as often as possible, because being a parent means you can’t always do the things you love. This has helped me to learn what it is  that I actually enjoy doing, when you finally have that time as a parent to do what you enjoy you want to soak up every second.

I started this blog to do what I love and that is shop, style and show the world my clothes. They may not be as glamorous or perfectly pressed as another fashion bloggers but that isn’t my life right now no matter how much I might want it to be.  I need to remember to always practice embracing the life I have so I can some day be as glamorous and we’ll pressed as I please. I am hoping you will join me on this journey to do what I love and I hope that you will gain the confidence to start doing what you love so we can all be living our best lives together.  Happy confidence creating!!

Check out the outfit details from the pics in my style guide, happy shopping!


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