Mommy must haves: 5 minute beauty buys

These beauty buys are sure to get you outta the house looking and feeling fabulous all day. I use them all on a weekly basis to keep me feeling effortlessly stylish with less stress. Click the pic to learn more about the product! and leave any and all comments on my news feed. Thanks!

Garnier Fructis Scrunch Gel

This product has the privileged of being my very first must have because I’ve  been using it for so long and it is so easy,  you just apply as soon as you get outta the shower, scrunch a nickle amount of this into hair with hands then air dry for fast beach waves. I have been using this product to make my hair perfectly wavy for over 10 years and still swear by it on a daily basis.  This product is great for all people I have used this when I had short, long, layered or even just plain straight hair and it has given me great results with out that hair spray feel.

Revlon Matte Balm Crayon

Since becoming a mom lipstick has become my favorite accessory, its simple to put on in the car and easy to bring with you anywhere parenting takes you. After trying dozens of colors I fell in love with these two Revlon matte colors. Every woman needs a good red, this one has amazing pigment its not too orange and not too dark. You also need good neutral nude that goes well with every skin tone from season to season, this nude is not too light which can be a major turn off for many when it comes to nude lips so this one I highly recommend.  The colors are truly great but the best part is that these are crayons so applying them is a lot easier than a regular angled lipstick and the matte texture makes for less smudging. I rotate these colors daily depending on my mood or my outfit and for my all time favorite color I layer them for a day color that matches all outfits and moods. (see pic )

Lipsense Long Last liquid color






This list couldn’t be complete with out at least giving lipsense an honorable mention for its long lasting ability and wide array of fun colors. When I first started wanting to give wearing lipstick on a daily basis a try I was lucky enough to have stumbled upon lipsense lipsticks. If you haven’t heard of them they are specially made with the long lasting ability of over 12 hours and I can attest to its greatness. All the colors come with good pigment and last a long time with out smudging or making your lips feel like they are stuck that way forever. My favorite color summer sunset is a great red orange that is  amazing for bright summer days and nights. Bella is another of my favorites because of its vintage feel it is also a best seller along with bombshell which is a celeb fav  and aussie rose which I am looking forward to trying. This is one of those buys that is very worth the money and experience  whether you buy one or ten. If you are interested in learning more my favorite consultant runs an amazing Facebook group that you have to check out



Bath and Body Works Stress Relief

This must have is near and dear to my heart, as a parents stress levels are often higher than your phone bill these days so when  I discovered this stress relieving combo I fell instantly in love. The idea that I was practicing stress relief was enough to wash away a bit of my anxiety which alone makes this purchase worth every penny. Another amazing perk is that this also falls under the daddy must have list because my husband loves it as well. The first one is a shea butter lotion blend amazing for dry skin, I have one religiously next to my bed. The black tube is a great exfoliating scrub that will make your skin oh so soft while you wash away the stress from the day, and the mini sanitizer is a great on the go stress reliever perfect for the busy mom. Oh and did I forget to mention the smell is so great I love it for all seasons which is not an easy task. Dealing with all the stresses that parenting brings has been a very real and difficult problem for me to come to terms with, admitting that you are stressed and deciding to do something about it is hard enough with out the hundreds of other things moms deal with on a daily basis. Do your self a favor and seriously put your trust in something to get you through those hard times, before you know it these products will just be for hand cleaning and moisturizing.

Wet and Wild Mega Last nail polish

This nail polish helped me get back into the habit of painting my nails because its really easy to you, as much as I wish I could get a manicure on a weekly basis that just isn’t practical for my life right now. This affordable polish comes in at around 3 dollars from your local drug store, its wide brush design means one swipe and your whole nail is covered in one fowl swoop and the super fast drying time ensures your manicure wont be ruined by the needy kids. So simple and it comes in a lot of different colors, not all are found in stores but amazon has an amazing selection, check out the polish above. ps: sugar coat is one of my favorite shades from this line.

I hope you are able to get as much functionality out of these products as I do they really are the easiest and more efficient ways to stay stylish, practical and busy. Stay tuned for more mommy must haves coming soon, I am really excited about this new series of blog posts and I am having so much fun with them, if you have a must have please share it in the news feed or message me about it on social media so I can get in on its amazingness!!

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