leopard is here for fall

Its looking like leopard is back this fall and I am really excited, I’ve been searching far and wide for the cutest leopard printed everything! I think leopard is something we all can appreciate as a fun print not only is it a great addition to a bland outfit it is now coming into fall as a great neutral color that will compliment any outfit.

I’m willing to bet we all have at least one leopard print something lurking in the back of our closet, go search! Now is the time to pull that out of your closet and give it new life. Like this leopard print swimsuit I found buried in the back of my drawer, it had been back there for quite a while. I was feeling self conscious about wearing it because I thought it was old or not in style any more, some silly thought or another. I often feel the pressure to wear whats in or whats popular which is something I am not proud of, but peer pressure is definately more of an unconscious fact of life than most of us probably realize. This pressure is probably affecting a lot of our choices especially outfit choices, after trying this suit on again I was mad at myself for letting that pressure affect my choices. So I wore it to the splash pad today and felt fabulous. I highly recommend you jump on the band wagon because these styles are going fast.

Below  I am sharing some of my favorite leopard finds and linking to a couple of my favorite fashion bloggers cause they have so many awesome leopard print finds as well, Happy shopping!!

check out these bloggers!!

Stephanie Arant she does leopard print like now body else!!

samantha Belbel  leopard clutches that are super cute.

Lc steele  lots of leopard shoes and she is the cutest blogger around!

My Fav finds: just click image

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