How to fall in love with your clothes again & again.

We all have those days when were standing in front of our closet full of clothes and we cant find anything to wear. I know I’ve had many of these moments, they are frustrating and time consuming. I think I may have discovered a fun way to find renewed love for some parts of your closet. Over the last week I have challenged myself to wear only dresses on a daily basis. I started this challenge  to address the fact that women don’t wear dresses as much these days, especially in the college town I live in.

(my home town)

I think the majority of women in America now dress in a less feminine way. This can likely be attributed to fighting stereo types brought on by politics and social media or to simply just be more comfortable. Both of these reasons I can support but I really enjoy feeling pretty, dresses make me feel a like a more attractive and confident person. I’ve accepted that maybe dresses just aren’t “in” right now but I don’t want to be a person who lets  popular choices dictate what I wear. That’s not only bad for your budget but also bad for your self confidence.

This is why I tried  the Wear more dresses challenge, I wore only dress outfits for 7 days straight. I had to take breaks to exercise but  from play date to play ground and everywhere in between I simply wore a dress.  This wasn’t  a huge change for me but the ways that it altered my thinking were far beyond what I could have expected. The first couple days I knew exactly what dress I wanted to wear but after that I was forced to come to the realization that I didnt  like many of the dresses in my closet. This made it easy to separate the dresses I loved from the ones I hated. Then I was able to clear out a lot of room in my closet, if you are a shopaholic like me this is a good thing. If you are not a shopaholic this will help you figure out where your closet is lacking and then you can invest in some better dresses, ones that you may actually like.

(most of the dresses I wore throughout the challenge, shop them all in my style guide)


Participating in this challenge helped me to discover a new  found appreciation for many of the parts of my wardrobe, pants, jumpsuits, skirts they all suddenly seemed like new. I actually expected to come out of this with a new love for dresses but instead I found my self catching a glimpse of a certain skirt or pair of pants and I would be excited  to create new outfits with them. I think that makes this a possible game changer for your closet and your budget because this type challenge can be practiced over and over again with a different category of clothing. The possibilities are endless, you will find reasons to get creative with your clothes and you will naturally start to enjoy other parts of your wardrobe. Ones you are burned out on or haven’t worn in ages, you will finally get rid of them and fill their spot with some thing new and exciting or you will find ways to reinvent them. I am looking forward to taking this theory farther and making it a fun activity to do once a month or so. I think an important part in making this challenge work for all people  will be filling your closet with timeless an versatile pieces. I started this whole amazon shopping journey to accomplish just that a way to prioritize my shopping and fill my closet with pieces that I will use for many years to come, instead of always buying trendy fun clothes that I only wear a couple times. I like many others have a limited budget and I want to learn how to get the most out of it. Now  all I need to figure out is what challenge we do next week? Printed pants, jumpsuits, jeans!

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