Could you create more self confidence?


Every one deals with self confidence issues at one time or another. There was a time not too long ago when the most average encounter could send me into a panic; Worrying about what I was going to say, how I looked, what they were going to say, a whole number of other things running through my head all at one time. It was a paralyzing feeling that made meeting new people and creating good relationships a hard task.Do you recognize this feeling?

I am a person who tends to over analyze my thoughts and feelings so this was something I thought about constantly,  I had gotten used to this feeling. I know so many people who deal with this same fear so I  shrugged it off and blamed my potential shy personality. For many years I lived as a supposedly shy person, little did I know this was a personality trait that I could change! I spend years wanting to change it but assumed there was no way or it would be too difficult, I know now that I just didn’t have enough self confidence.


Self confidence is quite a rare commodity, I find more and more people struggling to find enough of it and it’s keeping all of us from accomplishing our goals, from really chasing our dreams. There are small steps we can all make to start gaining more self confidence, the first step is deciding you deserve to start doing more of the things you love and start doing them in any small way you can.

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