Two of my favorite amazon finds so far

My most favorite  amazon find lately is this black and white striped crop top, I literally want to wear it every day and I could because it comes in a whopping 30 yep 30! different colors. This top is a one size fits all, which I think many people may shy away from but just hear me out, the reason its one size fits all  is because it is slightly backless the back has  a button closure on the top and a cute tie on the bottom which allows it to be extra adjustable. This is why I paired it with the jean vest which I love for wearing over things like this that are really cute but a bit more revealing than is appropriate for some occasions such as  work or play dates. You may think I am crazy for thinking this is a shirt that will work for you but there are so many ways to wear it I am positive you will enjoy having it in your wardrobe in many colors. Here it is paired with a high waisted maxi skirt  which is a simple outfit that would flatter any woman, just throwing my jean vest over this solves any insecurities you may have with the open back. I promise by the time I am done with my amazon adventure you will have so many different ways to wear this shirt you will thank me for the confidence you found by realizing you could wear a crop top and look killer!! (Forgot to mention this top is also prime eligible in many color)

I think its safe to say this amazon spree is off to a pretty good start so far I am really enjoying a good amount of pieces. Since starting this amazon mission only three of the items i bought are going back and one I really wanted to keep, this pair of vintage framed sunglasses (pictured below) they just weren’t for me. But these frames by wearme pro were amazing quality the most durable  high quality pair of glasses I have ever purchased hands down, they came in a very nice box with a sleeve for storage and possibly a cleaning cloth as well all for just $13!!, check them out they are great sunglasses and come in a number of other colors also they are prime eligible. I can tell you for sure am looking forward to purchasing another pair from wearme pro in a different style soon!

Now the other two items going back a split leg jumpsuit and a button down tie up sun dress were unfortunately not of the same quality as those glasses the jumpsuit by Murimia while cute was a super cheap fabric and had a slit that would make even barbie feel under dressed. The sundress was actually not the worse type of  linen fabric  but was just poor fitting and the tie up top part was never going to earn my trust that it would stay tied while wrestling with a toddler at the krogers  check out so its going back as well, I plan to try other dresses in this style because its a popular one and there are many others to choose from.

As i am writing this post the infamous amazon prime sale is coming to  close so now I am anxiously awaiting so many items I cant wait to share with you, I wanted to include this jean vest and all of its glory in this post but it has an a amazing story of its own so I will be writing about that in the near future. This vest is actually a piece that I have owned for many years and it has been through alot with me so for now have fun shopping these latest finds.

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