Can I buy all of my clothes on amazon?

For the last couple months have been a mission to find the very best of the best on amazon fashion, this may not sound glamorous to you but as a a stay at home mom amazon shopping is a game changer for me, two day shipping on almost all things, what!! if I can keep everyone happy especially myself all with out carting the whole clan into target than I am all in!!, you may actually be delightfully surprised by the amount of glamour and quality I have been able to scrape up on amazon see The skirt that started it all! . For example that skirt is the highest quality piece I have found, for only around $20 dollars or so its an amazingly beautiful skirt. After discovering this amazing skirt I was curious to see what other amazing stuff I could find on there.

Amazon is filled with millions of pieces many with a 4 or so star rating which I think many online shoppers have grown to really trust,  but with the clothes I have learned the hard way that their rating system is not fool proof. Take for example this jumpsuit I recently purchased it had 4 stars, not alot of reviews but I have been searching far and wide for another split leg jumpsuit (split leg jumpsuit!!) because it is my absolute favorite piece of clothing right now and I need another one!  but, this new one I took a chance on was actually very cute on and fit me well but the slit was all the way up to my waste!! not gonna work for this mom and the fabric left alot to be desired. So Back to the drawing board on that.

There are many other great finds I discovered on amazon which leads me to be sure there are other great ones to be found. Now I am planning to try only buying clothes on amazon for the next couple of months.

So far I have had about a 50% success rate which sounds bad but some of the things I have found I m in love with so I m certain I will uncover more incredible finds. Can’t wait to share them all with you. (Also be sure to check out the store filled with my successful purchases Shop The Store)

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