Hand made straw tote review

So excited about this summer tote bag, since I’ve  seen so many fashion bloggers with their fabulous straw bags and other summer purses. I needed to jump on the band wagon!
I was definitely worried though that this bag wouldn’t be an easy trend for me to pull off on a daily basis. Because of all the Mom stuff I carry around in my oversized tote I was worried but, much to my surprise I was able to effortlessly transfer everything into this new tote.

(So much more room for extra stuff)

It is hand made straw with an all natural liner, it comes with a zipper top and 1 pocket. The straw makes it surprisingly light, the handle seems like it will stand up well  to everyday use, I am also really loving the color. This bag will surely match everything in your closet. Now I am really   hoping this can be a bag I use for many summers to come, I’ll keep you updated on its wear and tear quality( had it for a week and it is holding up near perfect😁)

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

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