simplest sundress review

This adorable sundress was one of the only amazon email recommendations that actually ever followed my normal amazon shopping habits. If you are an amazon shopper than I bet you know what i mean, its always here are your recommendations…… electronics this and cooking stuff that. All of these things although on sale I do not need any of, but this dress! a welcomed surprise. This dress by angashion and sold by amazon comes in so many cute colors and at the time it was on sale so I went for it.

A few days later my package arrived on time but at first I was a bit put off by the feel of the fabric, but the color is very true to picture and the size  was comfortable. so I gave it a quick wash and the fabric softened out and the color stayed true!! it suddenly turned into a pretty great dress for the price. I was drawn to it because of the button up design which is actually a mock detail which makes this dress a perfect must have parenting find!!! the buttons are cute and although some styles may come with slightly unaligned  buttons they arent  bad enough to be able to notice. All in all I highly recommend this dress, it can be worn to any occasion, dinner, lunch, weddings, play dates the possibilities are endless especially if you buy it in a couple colors. I wore it with a belt because it is just a touch loose on me(I bought a small and normally wear about a 2 or 4) but it can easily be worn with out, i personally think the belt adds an element that gives an affordable dress more of an expensive touch, I think you will be quite pleased with it!!!

ps. will update with news on other colors as I get to check them out soon!

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