The skirt that started it all!

As I start this, this being my very first style post on my brand new blog I would like share with you  a short story.  Its Halloween 2017 and and I have not really the slightest clue what costume to wear,  last years costume was one of my best yet so this has to be good or I wont be able to live with myself so I pull out my trusty Minnie Mouse ears and that’s that done….. haha right! any one who knows me knows I have to be extra especially when there is a reason to wear an over the top outfit so I search Minnie Mouse costumes on amazon because I search everything  on amazon really but  I come up empty handed.  After a bit of brainstorming and probably some pinteresting  I continue my search looking for a pink skirt to match my trusty ears.

(throw back of me circa 2010)

What I ended up finding on amazon  was the skirt to seriously top all other skirts it was the  cutest collection of  high waisted A-line skater skirts so at 20 dollars a pop I ordered one and awaited my purchase. With prime shipping 2 days later I received my skirt and  to say I was happy would be an understatement,  I was shocked at the quality, the color, the pockets!! everything about this skirt was perfect.  I had never found anything of this quality at amazon before  and it was a game changer not to mention my costume was finally complete. ( sorry dont have a picture of that :))

Here we are a year later and the skirt is still in amazing condition  and I feel so amazing every time I put it on, I am finding I can wear it with almost anything , I can dress it up for any season wedding or dinner date  like I did below with a tied up silk button up and some pearls or with a short sleeved body suit and sandals. The possibilities  are endless also the pockets  which are huge give it an air of being a very versatile  mom skirt.  The weight is also amazing and  heavy enough that I don’t worry about any wind mishaps so all in all I love this skirt I love it so much it has  been given the great honor of being featured as my very first style post and the very first item in my shop. I hope you  all are able to enjoy it as much as I do and in nine different colors how can you not. scroll down for links to outfit details!


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