Start Creating Confidence

Do you like your clothes? Do you like yourself?  ………..stop to think for a minute…………….

l think these two questions  answer each other. If you don’t like your clothes or the way they  look on you, you are probably struggling to like the person that you are.  This is a real problem women need confidence they need it to thrive in this world and not because they are competing with men but women rule the world they are literally shaping  almost every human being on the planet in one way or another.

I am asking you to let your clothes  create your confidence, its ok to wear a dress in everyday situations. Sure maybe you run the risk of flashing everyone your Tuesday undies but that’s what bike shorts really are for, your other option is to just have the confidence to laugh it off and get on with your day. If you ask me they are both great options but going through the next week or month without feeling pretty is not a option. As a mom I am crossed with this decision on a weekly basis and I can tell you creating the confidence will surely get you farther and give you so much more happiness than  investing in a lot of bike shorts.  So  get out your bike shorts  or not and wear what you really want to wear, start creating confidence, sure it could be difficult at first or it sounds maybe silly but until you start trying to create confidence you will never be living your best life. Let your clothes create your confidence!

Here are a couple steps to help you get started on this journey:

  1. Tomorrow morning as you are getting dressed think about what you really want to wear, not what you have to wear or think you should. Try to silence those voices and figure out what you really feel your best in, write it down or set it asside. Than wear what you must to get through your day.
  2. Share that outfit you feel your best in with our group on the message board, take a picture of yourself wearing it or just share it in words. You can also #createconfidence @joinmadiosnmarie to be featured on my instagram.

Here is an outfit  I want to wear every day because I love everything about this jumpsuit! Can’t wait to see your outfits!!

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